Our Team

Dra. Ruth Zúñiga

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Ruth Zúñiga has a PhD in clinical and community psychology with a rural and indigenous emphasis from the University of Alaska. She has developed and managed multiple community-driven programs and grants focused on “bringing mental health” to the Latine community, removing stigma and supporting mental health access and utilization of services by underserved communities. Dr. Zúñiga serves on several boards of directors and advisory boards of Latine community-based organizations in Oregon. Dr. Zúñiga has been teaching, researching, consulting, and presenting on the subject of Latine mental health and wellness and program evaluation for 10 years. She has been providing culturally grounded mental health services for over 15 years in the areas of resiliency, immigration, healing and trauma informed care, chronic disease management, and overall mental health concerns. She is a former associate professor, and founder of Sabiduría: Latinx Psychology Emphasis at Pacific University, an academic and clinical program focused on training culturally informed masters and doctoral level clinicians to work with the Latine community. She is a licensed psychologist and serves as a senior health advisor for the Oregon Health Authority. Dr. Zúñiga is the co-founder and executive director of Raíces de Bienestar, a non profit focused on Latine mental health. 


Bonnie Lerner, MPH

 Operations Director & Co-Founder

Bonnie began her career in mental health case management, serving individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. This experience fueled her passion to move upstream and promote emotional wellbeing using a public health approach. Prior to co-founding Raíces de Bienestar in 2021, she worked in state government and health systems to support policy and program implementation, advance the role of traditional health workers and cultural brokers, and managed community-health care partnerships & investments.Bonnie grew up in the rural southern California desert, which instilled a deep commitment to equity, sense of community, and a personal and professional passion to improve mental health outcomes. She moved to the Portland area in 2004 and was the first woman in her family to go to college. She has a master’s in public health management and policy from Portland State University. She deeply believes and embodies that what’s personal is public health and dedicates herself to working alongside the community to address systemic barriers and build upon assets to catalyze healing and transformation. She has relied on traditional health workers herself and has over a decade in recovery from drugs and alcohol.


Fabiola Arreola-Morales  

Promotora de Salud 

Fabiola Morales is a highly experienced Promotora de Salud, with more than a decade of dedicated service. She has been an integral part of Raices de Bienestar since its inception. She currently holds the role of lead Promotora de Salud within the clinical team. During her time as a Promotora de Salud, Fabiola has contributed to numerous community projects. 

Fabiola's qualifications include a certificate as a Medical Receptionist and community health worker (CHW). She has received specialized training in the field of mental health under the mentorship of Dr. Ruth Zúñiga and Pacific University students. Her true passion lies in helping the community have access to mental health service.To Fabiola, open dialogues about mental health and informing the community about available resources are crucial to creating healing spaces. During her free time Fabiola loves creating memories and enjoying the hiking trails of the PNW.


Daisy bueno, phd

Clinical Director

Daisy Bueno has a PhD in School Psychology from Illinois State University. She is originally from the Chicago area and moved to the Portland area in order to pursue mentorship and supervision in culturally informed liberatory practices from Dr. Ruth Zuniga. With the support and guidance of mentors in the field, Dr. Bueno has developed a strong connection to community-centered and accessible approaches to mental health. She has been working with the Latinx/e community and communities of color for over 5 years. Dr. Bueno has experience providing individual, family and group therapy for children and adults as well as developing community spaces dedicated to learning, processing and overall empowerment. In congruence with her community centered approach to healing, Dr. Bueno also has a strong passion for engaging in consultation, teaching, and collaboration with colleagues engaging in systems level work. She has experience supervising students entering the field of psychology. Dr. Bueno is currently supporting our clinical efforts at Raíces de Bienestar and supervising our clinical team. She is also supporting individuals affected by the illegal marijuana and hemp industry through our clinical and liberation efforts.


dra. alejandra ferris

Contracted Clinic Practice Manager

Dra. Alejandra Ferris is a licensed Clinical Psychologist residing in Albuquerque, NM. She has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University with an emphasis in health settings as well as Latine psychology. As a former graduate student of Dr. Zúñiga, she collaborated on the creation of an emotional health and wellness workshop series aimed at promotores de salud combating mental health stigma in the Latine community in and around the Portland, OR metro area. Dra. Ferris completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Health Service Psychology at Baylor Scott and White Health Medical Center- Temple. Her speciality areas included Consultation and Liaison psychology and organ transplant evaluations. She completed her internship at the Southwest Consortium/New Mexico VA Healthcare System in Albuquerque. As a bilingual and bicultural clinician, Dra. Ferris is passionate about bringing mental health to the people and ensuring that services are appropriate and accessible to our community’s underserved groups. Dra. Ferris was born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, FL, and growing up in a predominantly Latine immigrant community empowered Dra. Ferris’ identity as a Latina. It also provided her with the lived experience and understanding of the nuances and idiosyncrasies of culture that are so often overlooked and misunderstood within health settings. Because of this, she strives to educate and encourage her colleagues on how to reflect on their diverse identities, how their identities influence the services they provide in clinical settings, and how to creatively reduce systemic barriers to ensure equitable access to care for all patients.


Ruby Cabrera, BA

Project Assistant

Ruby Cabrera received her Bachelors of science in Sociology from Sacramento State University in 2019. She is a first generation Mexican-American and was the first in her family to attend college. After graduating, she worked as a legal assistant at an immigration law firm where she realized her passion in life was helping her community. In 2021, she transitioned into nonprofit work. Ruby is passionate about mental health advocacy and believes that everyone should have access to mental health services. She is excited to be a part of Raíces de Bienestar and be a part of empowering the Latine community in Oregon.

Bianey Jimenez, QMHP

Bilingual Mental Health Clinician

Bianey Jiménez is Raices de Bienestar new Clinical Social Worker Associate and QMHP. In June 2023, Bianey completed her Masters Degree at Portland State University. During her time at the university, her connection with Raíces de Bienestar was established as she embarked on her internship with the organization. Ultimately, Bianey was able to join the team this past summer officially. Over the past 15 years, Bianey has been an advocate for the Latine community in Southern Oregon, utilizing her expertise in various social work sectors, such as domestic violence, immigration, and education.

At Raíces, Bianey is committed to providing direct mental health services and community liberation services to the Latine Community throughout Oregon. She enjoys serving the community and is aware of the importance of using culturally appropriate approaches, as well as person-centered therapy, attachment theory, and liberation psychology. 

Bianey was born and largely raised in Southern Oregon but has spent time living in Northern California and Nayarit, Mexico. Outside of Raices, Bianey enjoys spending time with her partner, dogs, and family. She also finds peace in honoring her alone time, which in turn enables her to contribute to her community more effectively.

Marisol beaulac, Psyd, QMHP

Bilingual Mental Health Clinician

Marisol Beaulac has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University with an emphasis in
Latinx psychology. She is originally from San Francisco, California and moved to the Portland area for graduate school. While attending graduate school, Dr. Beaulac was a member of Sabiduria where she met Dr. Zúñiga and Dr. Bueno. Throughout her time in graduate school, Dr. Beaulac participated in community outreach events that centered around decreasing mental health stigma in the Latinx community. She has experience providing individual, group therapy for adults, and engaging in community empowerment work. Additionally, she has engaged in research focusing on the emotional health and wellness and resiliency of Latinx migrant farmworkers. Dr. Beaulac is passionate about providing clinical services that are culturally congruent and have been adapted to meet the needs of the community. She is excited and honored to be a part of the Raíces de Bienestar team.

Eduardo Figueroa, BA

Clinic Manager

Eduardo Figueroa Varela is a health management professional with over seven years of
experience optimizing operations and leading effective teams. Eduardo's leadership style is marked by a strong emphasis on mentorship and collaboration, fostering a culture of success wherever he goes. Trained as a physical therapist in Chile, he furthered his professional development with a business certification from Harvard Business School and is currently pursuing an MBA.

He has initiated medical practices and optimized clinics for sustainability, demonstrating his prowess in system optimization and data-driven solutions. As a Public Affairs Specialist for the Air Force, he has received multiple personal and group recognitions, highlighting his skill as the photographer of the year. 

Outside of work, Eduardo enjoys various pursuits, including his passion for baking Chilean bread and his active involvement in his local church through leading worship. He also cherishes quality time outdoors with his family.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of Raíces de Bienestar (Raíces) is composed of Latinx community health leaders, promoters and workers. It is intended to inform all Raíces de Bienestar activities, programs, services and projects, ensuring that RdB programs are culturally appropriate, based on the needs of the Latinx community and focused on community strengths and resilience.

 Community Advisory Committee

Edith Arriaga-Flores is a health promoter, native Peruvian, mother of two children and wife. She trained as a health promoter through her parish. Edith's motivation and passion is her family and community, and she volunteers in several organizations and activities in her community. She has trained and provided several educational workshops on various topics, including mental health. Edith is grateful to be a participant in the Raíce’s Community Advisory Committee, for in this organization she has seen that through “speaking in simple language about mental health in our communities and understanding that we are not alone, barriers and stigma surrounding mental health can be broken.” She hopes that through this committee she will be able to continue her commitment to serve and meet more people, sharing and learning more every day. In her free time Edith enjoys walking with her two dogs in the park.

edith arriaga-flores

Delfina Andrade is a certified health promoter and worked for 6 years at the Oregon Latino Health Coalition as a community health worker. She is a board member of the Community Alliance of Tenants and is currently engaged in her business in the city of Hillsboro. Her passion is to support and advocate for her community. Her reason to join the Raíces Community Advisory Committee is to bring her knowledge about the community and its needs, so that the programs of this organization can provide the best service and support to the Latinx community. In her free time, Delfina enjoys spending time with her family and walking to the beach.

Delfina Andrade 

Veronica Gallardo Salmeron is a certified health promoter from Guerrero, Mexico who studied at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. She has experience providing training and working with the Latinx community with the Hispanic Catholic Program where she serves as a Health Promoter. Being part of the Community Advisory Committee in Raíces de Bienestar has been very important to Veronica, as her passion is to educate the community about the importance of preventive health care, nutrition, exercise and mental health, as well as informing and connecting them with resources.Veronica believes that self-care is an important part of health and well-being. His favorite activities are spending time with her family, enjoying nature and discovering new places.

Veronica Gallardo Salmeron

Adriana Lopez Garcia was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and moved to the United States more than 20 years ago and is a certified health promoter. Since then, she has worked to support the Latinx community in how to access education, health and social services available in the area. Adriana currently works at EPHC in the development department supporting bringing more services and resources to the community. Adriana decided to join the Community Advisory Committee because she has seen the positive impact that community talks have on the community. Additionally, through these talks we can combat the stigma of mental health in the community while recognizing and promoting strengths of our traditions and ancestral values. In her free time she enjoys swimming and hiking with her family.

Adriana Lopez Garcia

Maria Samayoa es Guatemalteca and a promotora de salud de la Iglesia. She is registered with the State of Oregon as a Community Health Worker (CHW) and has volunteered as a Health Promoter since 2008. Her regular job is also serving the community as a community liaison person for a high school in Oregon. There she supports youth, families and school staff, facilitating communication to help students achieve academic success. Her motto is: “Learn to share, and you too will receive the benefits”. Maria knows firsthand the needs of her community and therefore decided to be part of the Raíces de Bienestar’s Community Advisory Committee, because she believes that together with this committee and professionals who have the same interests, you can improve the lives of individuals and together create healthy communities. His hobbies include singing, connecting with her family, and playing board games with her family.

Maria Samayoa

Guadalupe Beltran was born in Mexico City and emigrated to the United States 23 years ago. She first started working as a bilingual teacher's assistant for a preschool in Seaside Oregon for 15 years. This is where she developed the skills of social work and used her second language not only to translate but also to advise latino / hispanic families about the importance of early childhood education. During her time there she also informed them about the local resources their community had to offer for help them during difficult economic times. When working at the preschool, Guadalupe was able to see the needs and barriers that existed in his own community Latina/Hispanic, which led her to want to do more. Guadalupe began to work as a Community Navigator for the Hispanic Council in Astoria, Oregon. There she  participated in organizing Covid-19 vaccination clinics for the Latino/Hispanic community.

Guadalupe volunteers at her local parish where she organizes events to raise funds for her church. Guadalupe is also certified as a Community Facilitator. She is passionate about promoting early childhood education, physical activity and emotional health of parents and their families. Her motivation to be part of the Raices Community Advisory Committee is aligns with the work she has been doing. She wants to continue helping her community by contributing knowledge about the community and its needs. She wants to empower the community by re-educating parents, strengthening our resilience as a community, breaking cycles and taboos, promoting well-being, emotional, equity and inclusion for all.

Guadalupe Beltran

Zoraya Uder was born in Salem, OR and is a Certified Health Promoter working for the organization Families in Action. Zoraya loves working with the community and providing education about better health and lifestyle. She volunteers at parish events and many other community activities. Her motivation to be part of the Raíces Community Advisory Committee is to learn how to help the community identify mental health challenges and provide resources and information. She also wants to help inform Raíces about what the community needs, what they are facing in their daily lives, and how to find ways to meet those needs. Her desire is to act as a bridge between the two, because “she is from the community to serve her community” In her free time, she enjoys nature, reading and cooking.

Zoraya Uder

My name is Maria Erika Ojeda Mejía. I was born in Mexico Federal District. In Mexico I helped the community with the opportunities program, it was an unforgettable experience. But my children wanted to be with their father in the United States. When they were 3,5,10,11 years old we came to the US. Arriving in this country, I learned that there was a program called “health promoters.” It caught my attention, thinking that I could graduate as a nurse. But I started taking the workshop and little by little I began to see how different the program was from what I thought. I continued to be interested and have continued to take many workshops such as taking control of your health, taking control of diabetes, Grandma Mom and I, walking with pleasure, empowering yourself and the Raíces de Bienestar programs. The thing I have liked the most is helping the community by providing oral health and vision services, but the happiest thing that makes me happy is that I am certified by the state. In my free time I like to knit and dance, I am a sonidera at heart.

Erika Ojeda

My name is Liliana Acosta, I am originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. I am a student in the Bachelors of Social Work program at Portland State University. (BSW). I have been a Community Health Worker for 8 years. I work at Kaiser Permanente as a Community Health Navigator. I also teach chronic disease management and prevention classes in different organizations and clinics for the Spanish-speaking community. Mental health is as important as any other illness. Being part of the advisory committee gives me the opportunity to be the voice of my community and echo the needs regarding mental health. Also to receive the appropriate education and information to share with my community and break the stigma of mental health illnesses.My passion is advocating and helping my community access resources and healthcare. In my free time I like hiking and traveling.

Liliana Acosta

Ivonee Martinez Razo has been living in Southern Oregon for the last 25 years. She is the fifth generation of Mexican immigrants in this country, within her family. She identifies as mestizo and has lived on both sides of the border. Upholding justice is a cause she strongly advocates for. Much of her professional career has been dedicated to advocating for children and youth with diverse needs, including disabilities and health challenges. She prioritizes mental health and spiritual well-being as integral components of overall health. During her free time Ivonne enjoyings walking through nature and caring for her family. 

Ivonne Martinez Razo

Ignolia Duyck was born in Colombia and raised in Venezuela and moved to the United States in 1998. She has been a Community Health worker at heart since she was studying Social Work in Venezuela. All her work has been helping people and empowering them. Currently, she is a certified Community Health Worker. As Outreach Manager, she sees the needs of the community through her own eyes and the eyes of her CHW team who are constantly in contact with the community. One of the main reasons she decided to join Raíces de Bienestar’s Community Advisory Committee is the way that this Organization delivers Mental Health Services respecting the culture, values, and idiosyncrasies of the Latine community. One of the practices she uses of take care of herself is to take short and long walks whenever she has the chance, whether during work breaks or lunch, at home or when she is on vacation. She also loves to cook food that brings her back to her roots.

Ignolia duyck

Board of Directors

Leda Garside

Board President

Genevieve Ellis


Mandy Davis


Tuality Healthcare

Washington County Public Health

Trauma-Informed Oregon | Portland State University

Daysi Bedolla Sotelo

 Oregon Health Equity Alliance 

Kristty Zamora-Polanco

 Innovator Agent | Oregon Health Authority 


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