Consultation and Capacity Building

Raíces de Bienestar provides expertly lead consultation, training, and education for a variety of sectors interested in identifying, addressing, and preventing mental health concerns in BIPOC communities, with special interest in the Latinx community.

All offerings are designed by Dra. Ruth Zúñiga, Raíces de Bienestar Executive Director, Co-Founder and Licensed Psychologist. Dra. Zúñiga is the equity award winner for Oregon Psychological Association, the 2019 Public Health Ambassador for Washington County, and the creator of an academic program focused on Latinx psychology. She has over 15 years of experience serving the mental health needs of the community in indigenous, lower income, rural, and lower-income communities. Our facilitators and consultants are bi-lingual and bi-cultural licensed psychologists or doctoral level psychology students, and/or experts in community health approaches to emotional wellbeing.
Consultative services and trainings build capacity and skills to provide culturally responsive, evidence-based, and trauma/healing informed services to Latinx and other BIPOC individuals, families and communities. We can offer a range of support, from one-off trainings to ongoing consultation in implementing learnings and troubleshooting concerns. We focused on asset framing work and support organizations with innovated ideas of creating healing centered spaces.
Areas of emphasis and expertise:
· Integrating supports for the behavioral health needs of Latinx and BIPOC communities.
· Assessing organizational culture/readiness to support clinicians/behavioral health workers of color.
· Integrating community health workers into care settings, with a special focus on emotional and mental health.
· Implementing upstream approaches to behavioral health, rooted in equity and wisdom of lived experience.
· Clinical supervision for community health workers in mitigating vicarious trauma and processing shared experiences with the community they work with.
· Supervision, service learning, and educational experiences to Latinx graduate psychology students, to ultimately improve the workforce of Latinx mental health providers.
Organizational training topics:
· Suicide Prevention and Intervention 
· Culturally responsive care when addressing mental health needs 
· Sociocultural foundations of Latinx Mental Health
· Trauma and Healing Informed Mental Health Practices
· Supporting self-care, community-case, and resiliency of BIPOC staff members
· Customized trainings for your organization!

Some of our clients include Providence Health & Services Alaska, Familias en Acción, Lines for Life, Northwest Family Services, and Latino Network. 
Connect with us to discuss these opportunities at We will create a proposal specific to your organization’s needs!


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If you are interested in ouR clinical services, please call us and leave a message at 971-417-6054 and we will return your call to complete a brief eligibility interview. for inquiries about charlas, trainings and other programs, please call 971-471-9100.

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